Where discerning puppy parents find a responsible breeder.

College Station, Texas


How do I reserve a puppy?

Just give me a call. My job is to make sure I help you get the correct puppy. I need to hear you and ask questions about things maybe you haven’t even considered. My goal is perfect placements. No dogs will be placed over text or email.

Do you ship dogs?

Our adult daughter is available to fly with your puppy under the seat in front of her. Prices vary depending on location.

You are more than welcome to fly in to pick up your puppy, we guide you through this entire process to make it very easy for you.

We never ship puppies cargo in the belly of the plane. 

We never hire flight nannies, as these are almost always people who work for the airlines and fly standby. They frequently get stuck in cities with no available flights to get your baby to you. Then there’s the fact that I don’t trust strangers with my puppies. It’s extremely stressful for everyone.

We never use ground transport. The chances of disease skyrocket when you put puppies in a van together. 

Where are you located?

College Station, Texas

We are Texans through and through but we spent four years in Montana.  That’s why you’ll see that I have a Montana phone number. It’s important that I maintain the same number for my clients.

Why are you Longhorn Kennels if you’re in College Station?

I get this all the time, with some good-natured teasing! We’ve always been Longhorn Kennels, when we lived in Montana you can imagine the questions we got! Upon returning home to Texas, we chose College Station for a lot of reasons, it’s pretty great here. Of course we kept the kennel name, so here we are!

What breeds do you have?

Mostly, Toy/Mini Aussiedoodles and Toy/Mini Poodles. On occasion, purebred Toy/Mini Aussies and Mini Cockapoos. Lots of merle, blue eyes, and red. If I don’t have what you are looking for, chances are I know a good breeder that does.

Do you have breeders you recommend?

Lisa at BlueStarMinis.com for Mini Aussies in Arizona.

Jeff at LCKennels.com for Goldendoodles in Ft. Worth.

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